Seminar Venue

The ITC Grand Chola situated in Chennai is the official venue and hotel for the seminar. ITC Grand Chola offers the most sophisticated spaces for hosting meetings with state of the art facilities and amenities. In fact, the facilities available at ITC Grand Chola, which include meeting rooms, banquet halls and conference rooms, are one of the largest and most comprehensive in India, if not the whole of Asia.

The QS Summer School Summit will be held in the Rajendra Ballroom. This room gets its name from the great Chola King, Rajendra Chola Deva. Apart from his memorable conquests and cultural impact, he is said to the water of the Ganges to his Capital which took on the name Gangaikondacholapuram to commemorate the feat. He is also credited with commissioning numerous other temples and encouraging notable artistic endeavours.

The Rajendra Hall, which is 2465 sq mt in area, reflects much of the grandeur of this King and his rule. This hall has acoustically treated partitions, in built, strategically placed overhead projection (ensuring overall coverage of the venue), Wi-Fi / high speed broadband Internet, extensive audio-visual support and an on floor conference concierge.